Pharmaceutical division

We are the first company in Spain, exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of aerosols for third parties, which has NCF certification (also known as GMP) for the production of veterinary drugs.

We work closely with our Customers, ensuring total confidentiality at all times.

To guarantee the level of quality required by the NCF (Correct Manufacturing Standards) we have properly designed, validated and maintained facilities, as well as highly qualified personnel.

Weighing room

We have an exclusive weighing room for the pharmaceutical division that has all the necessary technology. In the Pharmaceutical Division of PREVAL we have a Laminar Flow cabin to carry out the sampling and weighing of raw materials.


We have modern facilities that allow us to adapt to the needs of our Customers.

The Clean Room for the manufacture of veterinary medicines, consisting of:


  • Two reactors with a capacity of 1,200 L
  • A computerised management system to control the production process
  • An automated and validated CIP (Clean In Place) system for cleaning production equipment, which allows cleaning tasks to be carried out, minimising at all times the possibilities of contamination and variations

Primary Conditioning

A room intended for primary packaging in which the product and propellant dosing operations are carried out, adaptable to all existing aerosol formats. The packaging process guarantees, at all times, compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (NCF) as well as the European Aerosol Directive.

Secondary Conditioning

Our packaging line is highly flexible, which allows us to adapt the packaging process to the different requirements of our Customers at the level of:


  • Batching
  • Buffering
  • Labelling
  • Prospect Placement
  • Packing
  • Palletisation

Control laboratory

We have highly qualified personnel to carry out in-process controls. We have a Clean Room laboratory perfectly equipped to carry out the required process controls. All finished product units undergo online weighing control, discarding those that do not meet specifications. Our control personnel has great knowledge in the field of aerosols as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which allows us to guarantee the quality of the products manufactured in our facility.