Quality policy

Quality policy at PREVAL is based on a continuous improvement day by day of the level of quality of ours services to ensure satisfy the needs of our Customers thanks to:

  • Continuous innovation of all ours processes
  • Communication and collaboration between departments
  • Development and collaboration of Human Resources
  • Supplier’s participation in our Quality project
  • Compliance with those legal requirements that apply to us, including:
    • Good manufacturing Practices of Cosmetic Products (GMPCP)
    • Good Manufacturing Practices of Veterinary Medicines (GMP)
  • Continuous improvement apply to processes and monitored by periodic quality objectives.

Achieving a leaderships position on the market is not result of chance, but the result of a common effort that lead us to improve productivity and become highly competitive.

At PREVAL we understand and share that leadership and survival inescapably go through offering quality to our Customers. That is why we constantly evolve at the pace set by the market itself, in addition to systematically innovating to always be at the forefront of the most modern Quality, Technical and Productive systems and concepts.

At PREVAL we share a philosophy driven to bring a full satisfaction of Customer according to the fact that:

  • Customer is the most important person in our company
  • He has not depend on us. We depend on him
  • He bring us business opportunities

PREVAL‘s Management leads this project through the application of analysis tools of the internal and external context, in order to define strategic lines of action aimed at being a benchmark Company in the sector and with a level of quality aimed at Excellence in the Service.